Some of the recent changes to the phonetic alphabet collection: Feb 2007: another Hungarian alphabet Morse code mnemonics for Spanish and Czech Swedish Sjua -> Sju Nov 2002: French/Dutch material from Belgium Flemish subsumed into Dutch more Italian Norwegian revised Swedish revised another Czech alphabet Polish Morse mnemonics Jul 2001: Apple Brother German WW2 alphabet Ukrainian Morse code mnemonics Oct 2000: Slovenian more Swedish Jan 2000: Unaone Bissotwo further alphabets for Spanish, Italian, Turkish Apr 99: Andriy Bogdan (Ukrainian) new material for French, Hebrew, Swahili Aug 98: many changes new material includes: Osnat Bela (Hebrew) Anto^nio Beatriz (Portuguese) U.S. Navy 1940 May 97: Alexandros Vasilios (Greek) another Turkish alphabet Mar: another German alphabet miscellaneous notes Feb: Turkish Unye uSak -> uSak Unye French reorganised Dec 96: Esperanto Morse revised changed URL for Dutch Morse mnemonics Nov: Ack Beer Andries Boetie (Afrikaans) Africa Bombay Arthur Betty Australia Bombay an official German alphabet etc Oct: Finnish alphabet corrected Yokohama Zanzibar revised Aug: alphabets for Kwanyama and Ndonga